Roy Solomon Halo was born and raised in Los Angeles, California in an Israeli household. From a young age, he was surrounded with music, art, dance, culture, and CARTOONS. By high school he was immersed primarily in music, theater; stagecraft, lighting and performing on stage.

At UCSC (University of California Santa Cruz), Roy started as a Bio major, but unable to abandon his love for the arts, returned to the theatre. Finding there was more to performing than just entertainment, theater had a purpose. He found a voice working in a multicultural space. During this time, he worked with companies such as Rainbow Theater, African American Theater Art Troupe, Infinity Star Productions and People Power for which he wrote, acted, produced, and directed plays.

Roy graduated from UCSC with a BA in Psychobiology and Theater and returned to Los Angeles, where he continued to hone on his craft working on various projects. Shortly after, he took a long hiatus from the industry, where he traveled around the world, conducting business, surveying life and even played music and beatbox on tour for the US Serviceman. Upon returning to the industry, he found himself favoring the mic and began training in all aspects of voice over; while at the same time devoting himself to Meisner and completing a 2-year program at the Ruskin Theatre Company. His life’s work and training would eventually come to a head and Roy opened his own recording studio; Float Studios (, where he coaches, consults, directs, produces demos and commercials and other various projects. All while still working as a voice actor himself.

“I love this art. And this community. I never stop learning, studying, entertaining and finding reasons to laugh and smile.”

“There is something to be said when you can make the world smile. I just want to know what that is.”


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